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McPhy Energy, a French startup company, is changing the game for hydrogen storage. Their revolutionary new system can quickly store hydrogen at low pressure in a modular design that does not lose any energy being transported, one of the stumbling blocks of renewable energy distribution. Commercial production of the hydrogen storage tanks will begin in late July of this year once testing is completed. A chief executive for McPhy, Pascal Mauberger, expects that within five years they will see revenues of $134 million from renewable energy projects and hydrogen merchants.

hydrogen storage

BusinessGreen reviewed the system and observed that "...the tank could be connected to a hydrogen production system that could be powered using electricity from a wind farm or solar power plant to be stored. Once stored, the hydrogen could either be converted back to electricity using a fuel cell, or used to supply the growing market for hydrogen.”

CEA Liten Laboratories in France is testing the storage tanks for industrial scale use by using a fuel cell hooked up to an electrolizer to simulate electricity being inputted from renewable energy sources.  Final results should be available later this year.

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